Ladies Luncheon…

There is one thing I have always loved doing and that is entertaining! As part of the launch of this new internet home of mine, I hope to share the many ways I love to entertain. I really enjoy creating warm, inviting tables for our guests. The creation of a table including all elements of the food, the dishes, the flowers and textiles is very relaxing to me. It also shows your guests that you fussed over them! They will love it! Throughout the journey of creating content for this new internet home, I will share lots of things that will go into creating an inviting space for your guests.

Many of you will think that this is a lot of work. But to be honest, every time I create a table I start with who is coming and the theme for the party. Once that is determined, I then think colour. What colour do I want to create with? Over the years I have always purchased dishes that compliment each other. I don’t think I have ever purchased dishes in a set. I have sourced my dishes from just about everywhere. Some I have inherited, some I have bought brand new and many I have sourced from thrift shops over the years.

What ends up happening is I have many dishes that will mix and match for just about any themed table. Once the dishes have been chosen, I shop my house. What decorative things around my home compliment what is going on at the table? Very quickly it all starts to come together. Having said that, the Ladies Luncheon I prepared was very easy and came together quick and was a lot of fun to create.

I knew I was starting with a light lunch. The table needed to look light, airy and summery. I was thinking blue and white with hints of the green. The happiest of accidents did happen though. And this is where the fun is in creating a table and shopping your house. The butterfly side plates had some pink, blue and hints of lime green. I knew I could pull it off! My wish was to add more pink to the table. Enter 4 fantastic pink tea cups and saucers that I had inherited from my paternal grandmother. Once I had found the pink tea cups, I knew I would make my place cards out of pink and white card stock. Using a decorative punch, I was able to add a small detail to the one edge of the card. It was a project that only took about 5 minutes to achieve, but added more interest to the table.

Once again the salt and pepper shaker set was a happy find in my storage room. I picked up this set years ago as a keepsake from a trip home to Newfoundland. I remember picking it up because it had the cutest graphic drawing of the Pitcher Plant (Sarracenia purpurea), which is the floral emblem of the province of Newfoundland. They had every colour from my table and I had no choice but to place it on my table.

I have collected Milk Glass over the years as well. Not every piece I have seen, have I purchased. That’s not to say that I have not wanted to buy every piece! I tried to be selective over the years. Buying pieces that I would definitely use. This Milk and Creamer set has served me well over the years. It has graced many tables that I have set and is truly one of my favourite pieces of Milk Glass I own because of it’s versatility.Last but certainly not least is fresh flowers. I have used pre-ordered centerpieces, fresh flowers from my garden or bunches of flowers from the grocery store turned into a beautiful bouquet by myself. Whatever the case, when entertaining, a fresh bloom on the table is like the last piece of jewelry that finishes the look. It grounds the table and produces a sense that the table is completed.

I did purchase one thing new for this table though. I bought a new Turkish Cloth from The Art Of Home in downtown Galt. I could not resist. But again, I can’t stress it enough how this piece will be so versatile over the coming years. I can make it work on so many tables and to be quite honest, I couldn’t help myself!

Let me know what you think! What things would you like help with when creating a table? Why don’t you share some of your own tips as well!